The Company Flor y Fauna has been dedicated to the reforestation of Teak since 1989. The area planted is 2568 hectares. Development and monitoring of the tree stands allow us to have a competitive advantage in relation to quantities and quality of timber for industrialization. Important investments in infrastructure and machinery have been made in order to increase the potential of production, with equipment for sawing, drying, and manufacturing of wood components for the production of furniture.

Since 1997 Flor y Fauna S.A. has taken big steps in penetrating foreign markets, in order to sell furniture, principally in Europe, North America, and recently in Africa Flor y Fauna as a group consists of three companies: Flor y Fauna S.A., Flor y Fauna Dos S.A., and Ecomaderas S.A. Startup and development of company Flor y Fauna S.A. is a privately owned company, founded and administrated by a Dutch Family in Costa Rica. It is located in Altamira, San Carlos, in the northern zone of Costa Rica. Total property of 3442 hectares. All the land and trees are registered under the Forestry Regime of Costa Rica.

The company owned community, consists of houses for the employees and their families, school, offices, sports areas and a health clinic, to attend to the employees and people from nearby towns. At this time 350 employees are working with Flor y Fauna S.A. The principal objectives of the Company are as follows:

1. To gain a maximum return on the production, processing, and sale of teak or other productive timber species in Costa Rica, in a silviculturally, ecologically and socially sound manner.

2. Provide employment to local communities.

3. Supply the funds to conserve and protect local tropical forest systems and other vulnerable environments.

4. Serve as an example and pioneer by making use of modern and innovative working methods.

5. Create a stable working environment through the improvement of living, housing, and working conditions. 

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