About Us?

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The company Flor y Fauna S.A. began operations in the year 1989, developing teak reforestation projects. This company was founded by a Dutch family in Costa Rica and it is located in Altamira, San Carlos, in the northern region of Costa Rica.

The operation of the company can be divided in two main areas:

1.1 Plantations:

Currently the total planted area reaches 2,500 hectares (total area of 3500 ha. including non teakwood lands). Flor y Fauna S.A. This green stamp assures that the plantations are well managed from a technical point of view, and at the same time it constitutes a sustainable project from the ecological and social perspectives.

1.2 Industry:

The industry is constituted by a Saw Mill (primary industry) and an industrial processing plant (secondary step for wood transformation). The factory processes the wood generated by the plantations and has enough capacity to process other woods purchased at the local market. The industrial plant was settled down in 1997, with facilities that reach the 25,000 m2.

The process equipment incorporates high technology for wood manufacturing, including drying ovens to guarantee the quality of the products. F&F has a very interesting export record that drove the company to win in the year 1999 the award to the Ecological Exporter given by the Export Chamber of Costa Rica. The company has had the vision to invest in machinery that allows to fulfill the demands of the wood international market.

Saw milling, kiln drying (1000 m3/month capacity), moulding and finger joint process allow the maximum use of the wood and at the same time produces a first quality finishing that compliance with international standards.

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